The Unfiltered Truth: Why Our Design Process is The Best

When you decide to ride with us on a design journey, you’re not signing up with your basic run-of-the-mill design firm. Nope, you’re stepping into a meticulously planned process designed to elevate your experience, fine-tune your vision, and make it a reality. Transparency and creativity reign supreme, setting the foundation for a collaboration that’s seamless and, because it’s us, fun.

Step 1: Establish the Scope of Your Project

All of our projects kick off with a detailed and thoughtful 2-hour meeting. This is where we dive into the nitty-gritty details of your project — scope, investment, and design direction. We’ll take any necessary measurements and photos to ensure we’re setting ourselves up for success.

And, because we’re all about transparency, we’ll hand you a clear roadmap of your project from the start, breaking down payment schedules and making sure you understand the ins and outs of the contract. As an extra step, we have an efficient client dashboard keeping you informed every step of the way.


Step 2: Complete Your Homework

Don’t worry, it’s not the boring kind you did in school. This is where you get to dream big. We’ll provide you with organized, thought-provoking questionnaires taking you through each room of your home. We’ll ask for Pinterest boards and every detail possible to get to know you and your distinctive style. Once we have everything we need, we’re ready to get the ball rolling.


Step 3: Design Concept Presentation

Now that we’ve put in all of that hard work (plus a ton more in our studio), we’re ready to show you the visual game plan with our Design Concept Presentation. For this meeting, we have 3 main goals:

1. Confirm your floor plan, because this dictates everything.

The floor plan is the MVP. No moves are made until we have this piece of the puzzle nailed down. When we present your floor plans, we roll out three options: good, better, and best. We’ll take you on a virtual walk through each one using a digitized clay model, explaining how each room would flow.

Left: Floor plan; Right: Digitized clay model

2. Approve your color story — aka how your home will feel.

Time for the vibe check. The color story isn’t just about paint swatches; it’s about setting the mood. This is our chance to hear your feedback and refine the aesthetic, whether it aligns with our initial boards or takes an unexpected turn. It’s an important step in bringing everything together.


3. Establish a clear investment plan.

Before diving any deeper, we’ll get crystal clear on your investment plan. I’m always looking out for you and want to provide transparency, ensuring you have a solid understanding on the financial aspect of your project. I have been in this industry for a looong time. All estimates provided are based on an extensive understanding of the costs involved to bring your project to life.

I operate on a flat-rate fee structure. No surprises, no hourly charges. You know exactly what you’re investing upfront, with real-time retainer information available through our detailed client dashboard. I guess you could say my past life as a lawyer gave me PTSD from hourly billing. Not all hours are created equal – some are highly productive, while others are fueled by a bottle of afternoon Sauvignon Blanc.

P.S. Don’t worry — you’re in the driver's seat here. At this point, you can still tweak the plan, add or subtract any elements, and we’ll fine-tune it for our next meeting.


Step 4: Visualize Your Personal Aesthetic

Once everything has been approved,  it’s time for the really fun stuff. Floor plan in hand, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of each room. Details like fabric, cabinet hardware, wallpaper — these elements will take center stage. And to make sure you’re truly feeling the vision, we bring all materials to our next meeting for a tactile experience.

JSD might be known for vibrant colors and joyful aesthetics, but here’s the truth: we would never impose our style on you. In fact, we embrace a variety of styles. From bold and colorful to serene and soothing, we’re here for it all. Our team works closely with you to craft a space that reflects your great taste, elevates your lifestyle, and exceeds your expectations. Just don’t ask for a plain white kitchen — I have to draw the line somewhere. ;)


Once you make your selections, we’ll pull together digital renderings to capture the essence of your space and get the green light for the production phase. And yes, we manage the execution of your project, too. I did say it was full-service.

Looking to get on our calendars? We’d love to meet you! We keep our client roster intentionally lean to give each client our very best. Book an introductory call with us and let’s see if we’re the right match.

— Kelly

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