The Unfiltered Truth: What It’s Really Like To Work With Joy Street Design

When it comes to working with an interior design firm, there are some misconceptions, myths, and stereotypes floating around. You know me — I can’t resist the chance to speak my mind. Today, I’m sharing the unfiltered truth about what it’s actually like to work with us. Spoiler: We might not be shopping together, but we’ll definitely have some fun.

1. We elevate your home and the design experience.

Elevating your design experience is at the core of what we do. We’re constantly evolving, searching for ways to enhance your journey. If there’s something that can make the process smoother, we’re already doing it. After all, we don’t believe in just upholding the highest industry standards — we set them.


With us, you can count on complete transparency, a streamlined process, and an elevated way of living that celebrates the joy that great design brings. Your home should be a place where you smile, connect, and honor what you love. That’s why we craft engaging, joy-infused spaces that make life easy and fun.

2. The mistakes you’ll make without us will cost you.

While it’s true that quality interior design is an investment, the reality is that working without a professional can end up being far more costly. Why? As seasoned designers, we’re experts at maximizing your investment, ensuring that every dollar is utilized to its maximum potential.

We swapped the kitchen and dining room to transform a small space into a practical, functional, and beautiful home for this multi-generational family.

I typically advise our clients to allocate between 10-20% of their budget for their interior design fees. It might sound like a lot, but we don’t “spend” your money… we invest it wisely. Our team will help prioritize your purchases and curate distinctive pieces that blend with everyday items, ultimately shaping a home that feels like you.

3. We should be your first hire.

Yep – even before securing a contractor. The myth goes that interior designers are only needed when there’s furniture to be involved. (P.S. That’s a “decorator.”) But the reality? Designers come first. We have a team of experts that handle all interior specifications: floor plans, lighting plans, furniture plans, renovation management, and more. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. It’s also about understanding how you want to live in your space.

The Power of Space Planning in Sunnyhills

We are trained to consider functionality, ergonomics, and the overall user experience first. Take our Sunnyhills Project (above) for example. Before tearing down any walls, we took the time to discover our clients lifestyle, needs, and how they intended to use their space. Then, we dove into the nitty-gritty details of lighting, acoustics, storage, traffic flow, and so much more.

The result is a home that is more than just visually appealing. It’s practical, efficient, and personal. Something you wouldn’t get if you hired a contractor first.

4. Sorry, you can’t shop with us.

Working with JSD is not retail therapy. Many people believe you get to shop with your designer and select from a plethora of options for each item. It’s like making a new friend with great taste, right? Not really. Our mission is to establish a cohesive plan and present the BEST options to you, not to have you play a game of design roulette.

The Lakeshore Project: Experience the beauty of intentional home furnishings

Specifying furniture for any space, big or small, is a complex skill that involves intentional space planning, color theory, fabric knowledge, and sooo much more. And it’s definitely not something that should be done by a committee. When you hire us, you’re investing in our expertise, and the best results are born when you relinquish control, trust the process, and let us do what we do best.

5. Not all designers are created equal.

The truth is, partnering with an expert design team (like ours) is a game-changer for your project’s success. Don’t just choose any designer you find online. Choose a team with a record of success, an energy that aligns with your own, and a real connection you can feel when you meet. These will allow you to confidently hand over the reins and trust that your vision will come to life better than you could have done it yourself. Which is the whole point!


Whether you’re into vibrant colors, soothing neutrals, or something in between, we’re here to support you… and add some fun to the journey. If you’re ready for a design experience that’s both elevated and enjoyable, you know where to find us.

— Kelly

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