Thompson Street: Contemporary Condo Reno with NYC Views

When this active Bay Area family of 4 purchased a second home in NYC, they couldn’t resist bringing us along for the ride. We renovated and furnished their entire condo from afar — with only 2 in-person meetings. Yep, two. Truth. 

Our amazing team reworked the floor plan to maximize their skyline views, add in personality, and nod to their Bay Area roots. You probably couldn’t guess this from looking at it, but this project is an oldie. We completed it years ago, and it still looks as modern and current as it did then. Proof that great design lasts.

Alright, ring the doorbell and step right in…

NYC Condo Reno: Bright, Open & Unexpected

Entering this bright, sunny condo is a breath of fresh air. The entryway might seem simple, but don’t let the white walls fool you. They make some key features stand out — like this stunning wood credenza, the navy blue kitchen, and the peek of blue wallpaper you can spy in the powder room. And that wallpaper has a surprise…

This toile wallpaper is an ode to Bay Area’s greatest, featuring rappers Too $hort, E-40, Humpty Hump and Mac Dre, culinary icon Alice Waters, football Hall of Famer Joe Montana, political activist Angela Davis, and newscaster Dennis Richmond. Plus several Bay Area landmarks. They may be far from the Bay, so we brought the Bay to them!

Now, let’s step down the hallway and into the most popular view of the home…

Classic Yet Contemporary Kitchen with a Pop of Color

We love the contrast of bright white and deep blue. It creates depth and makes these orange counter stools really pop. (Years later, this space continues to be one of our “most liked” photos on IG, along with this home here.) We added a gorgeous, diamond-shaped marble backsplash and stunning white quartz countertops. These pair perfectly with sleek black accents and industrial-style pendant lights. 

Head over to the sink, where you’ll find…

City views. Dish duty doesn’t seem half as bad, with an eyeshot of the city beyond, does it? The best part? There’s more where that came from. So set those dishes down and step into the living room…

Condo Design: Open Concept Living Spaces

This cozy sectional and armchair are perfect for a family of four. And with a skyline view like that, it doesn’t get much better. (Can you see it out the window? It’s a high-rise so we couldn’t actually clean the windows. Haha!) We grounded the living room with comfortable, soft furnishings and layered in pops of color, like orange to mimic the kitchen stools, golden yellows, and various shades of blue.

This high-rise condo had a lot of random nooks that were full of potential. We designed custom benches with plush seating to create more livable space. We accessorized it all with art, plants, and modern lighting. Speaking of…

Sophisticated Dining Area with a Bold Statement

We brought this space to life with a playful and bold statement wall. Not surprised, are you? This Lindsay Cowles wallpaper was perfect for making the dining area feel separate from the living area, while keeping the open-concept design cohesive. 

The gold-dipped Crate and Barrel pendant infuses the space with gravitas and sophistication. It also looks great with the navy blue kitchen behind it. Yes, we design each space to look good from every angle and through every doorway.

Last but not least, the light-toned, live-edge wood table adds a warm, natural touch to this contemporary space. Combined with upholstered charcoal chairs, this dining area has a comfortable, relaxed vibe that invites people to stay a while, with or without a good drink.

And there you have it. If you were surprised by the many white walls throughout this property, I hope we proved that the home can still be spiced up in different, colorful ways. (Just don’t ask us to design an all-white kitchen!)

If you’re feeling inspired and looking for an expert design team to lead your home renovation, you know where to find us

— Kelly

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