What to Know about Renovating Your Home in 2022

Over a year ago, I shared this post on the realities of renovating during the pandemic — and all the hurdles that came with it. Well, I can’t believe we’re writing this again, but things have gotten much worse in the past year. Renovating in 2022 means dealing with even longer lead times, greater competition for skilled labor, and of course, increased delays as Omicron runs wild.

Will we see the end of this soon? Beats me. But I will say this… 

If you want to renovate your home, yes, it may take longer, but it can be done. We are still designing and making progress on renovations weekly. In fact, even knowing what I know about the delays, I started my own personal renovation in Atlanta! 

No, I haven’t been spared the setbacks (sigh), but I am glad that we’re moving the project forward anyway. And having seen both sides of the table, I can honestly tell you — if renovating your home is a goal or dream of yours, start. It’s worth it. Just make sure you’re mentally prepared with what to expect. Which brings me to today’s topics:

  • Why Covid-19 is impacting renovation timelines in 2022
  • The timelines you can expect in 2022, for bathrooms, kitchens, and home furnishings
  • Options for updating your home this year

Come take a look…


Why has Covid impacted renovation timelines?

I shared this info in greater depth last year, so here’s the summarized, mini version. Keep in mind that these apply to both renovation and decorating projects:

Increased Demand for Professional Services: Yep, we’re all sick and tired of homes that don’t support us, and we’re all competing for skilled tradesmen to help us with our home projects. The increase in demand started in 2020 and has only grown as more and more people decide they don’t want to wait any longer. I hear that. We’ve been so busy that we are currently (as of February) booking projects for summer 2022. 

Decreased Supply of Professional Services: Social distancing, quarantines, and other limitations have impacted the supply of professional services. Before, long quarantines were decreasing the labor force. Now, though quarantines have decreased to 5-day stretches, Omicron has led to mass case numbers. Equally limiting.

Supply Chain Interruptions: Don’t even get me started on this one… The supply chain has been impacted at literally every level: material shortages (lumber, foam, appliances, etc.), slower production (due to decreased labor supply), limited capacity in warehouses (because they can’t get products OUT of the warehouse), and longer freight times due to blocked ports (WTF?), a decreased availability of shipping containers (see “blocked ports”), and a decrease in over-land transportation due, again, to a decreased labor force. And that’s just for starters.


How long does it take to complete a renovation in 2022?

The all-important question. Let’s break it down:

Full-Home Renovations

Pre-Covid: 1-1.5 years

2021: 1-2 years

2022: 1-2.5 years

Bathroom Renovations

Pre-Covid: 8 to 10 weeks

2021: About 3 months

2022: 3-4 months

Kitchen Renovations

Pre-Covid:  3 to 4 months

2021: 5 to 6 months

2022: 5 to 6 months (not including that some appliances are taking 10 months to arrive)

Furnishing a Bedroom or Living Room

Pre-Covid: 1 to 2 months without custom items; 3 to 4 months with custom items

2021: 3 to 4 months without custom items; 6+ months with custom items

2022: 6-12 months with non-custom items sometimes having lead times as high as 28 weeks


What can you do?

Start Early: The best way to thwart delays is to plan in advance for them. You can do this by starting early, allocating enough time for the design process, and building delays into the timeline itself. The numbers above can help, and so can this…

Work with a Professional: If you’re convinced you want to renovate your home, it’s truly in your best interest to hire a professional. Yes, I know I’m supposed to say that (since that’s what we do), but I can’t stress this enough. Having a team that is familiar with the pandemic challenges is essential. We can navigate them as efficiently as possible for you AND save you so much time and frustration along the way. Example? A material or item is suddenly discontinued? Not your problem. We can find a suitable replacement quickly so it doesn’t derail your project. 

Try a Refresh: Again, I know I’m supposed to encourage you to go for that full-scale renovation or decorating project, but the truth is, “going big” isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, a quick refresh can achieve a transformation that makes your home feel like new. (Or at least new for another year, when hopefully things will have gone back to normal a bit…but I’m learning to lower my expectations on this pandemic thing. Ha.)

Here are some ideas for a quick home refresh:

  • In any space, add some color into your spaces through paint, accessories, or art for a fresh, new look (see inspiration here, here and here)
  • In your bedrooms, create a luxury experience with top quality bedding (my top picks for bedding here)
  • In a bathroom, refinish the vanity and add a new curtain for a fresh feel (get inspired here)
  • In your home office, ditch the drab and turn it into a fun, inspiring work space (inspiration here)
  • Add smart technology into your home for daily ease (29 ideas for smart home tech here)

Well, that’s it for now. I hope this has given you a realistic look at the industry, what we are achieving (and how quickly), along with some ideas for starting your project. If you’re ready for a team that knows this process inside and out, you know who to call. Reach out to us here and let’s chat.

— Kelly

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