Pushing the Boundaries of Color: A Walk through Our Favorite Showhouses

Showhouses are the ultimate catwalks of the interior design world — an opportunity for designers (like us) to unleash big ideas, break free from the ordinary, and of course, push creative boundaries. Is it a whirlwind of chaos to execute? Absolutely. But showhouses are playgrounds where design rules are literally meant to be broken. Sign me up any day.

This month, I thought I’d walk you through an up-close and personal look at 3 of our favorite showhouses. They’re a mix of funky, luxurious, vibrant, and opulent… and you already know they ALL involve color.

Living by Design Showhouse: Urban-Inspired Teen Hangout


The 2022 Living by Design Showhouse was a complete virtual experience. Our firm, along with 20 other designers and experts, had the incredible opportunity to design spaces for a 10,000-square-foot home in Bedford, New York — the primary residence of Martha Stewart.

Our mission? To transform a multifunctional space into a vibrant, urban-inspired sanctuary, which we later coined the "teen hangout." But before diving into sourcing furnishings, it all began with that first spark of inspiration…


With my daughter as our muse, we imagined a reality where a 16-year-old named Zoe received an incredible gift — a male horse named Coco — to help her adjust and live her best life after a move from Oakland to Bedford. Staying true to our signature JSD style, we infused this teen hangout with a colorful aesthetic and urban flair.


Colorful “spray paint” wallpaper, funky light fixtures, and rich textures — this space evokes youthful energy while still maintaining a sense of maturity. With an equestrian-inspired workspace (shoutout to Coco the Horse) and effortlessly cool lounge area, this space is cheerful yet contemporary. Oh, and did you catch the playful Meedo Desk Chair from Jomo Furniture? LOVE.


For the bathroom, we drew inspiration from urban landscapes, balancing dark metallic touches with earth tones and nature-inspired finishes. Our design concept was supported by elements like the white rose polished marble tile, copper plumbing fixtures, a vanity customized by Benjamin Moore, and Monrovia planters. And did you catch those stunning pendants??


In the closet, we created a functional storage space in collaboration with California Closets. To add a personal touch, we hung sculptural lighting and decorated the walls with Minted artwork representing Zoe’s evolving interests and identity as a young woman. With that, the project is complete! And who knows… maybe I’ll turn this vision into a reality for the real Zoe one day.

Wildwood Home: Bold & Playful Vignettes

For those who don’t know, vignettes are artful arrangements composed of small groupings of decorative objects or furnishings. (Translation: These are the shots you see all over Pinterest and Instagram because they’re designed to look good.) Well, that’s exactly what we did at the Wildwood Home.


Unlike our other showhouse projects, this design was focused on customizing the beveled sideboard from the Wildwood Select Collection as part of their partnership with Benjamin Moore. Funny enough, we were renovating Zoe’s bedroom — the real, 10-year-old Zoe — at the time, so we decided to custom-design a piece that could work for both the showhouse and her new space. Her only request was for it to be painted teal. (What can I say? She’s her mother’s daughter.)


In the end, we landed on two paint colors from Benjamin Moore: Bold Blue for the outer shell of the sideboard, and Tropical Teal for the doors, perfectly complementing the brass hardware. To complete the look, we painted the walls in the same Bold Blue hue, creating an intimate and modern ambiance.

To balance out the intensity of the blue, we add this enchanting Lolita Chandelier with a touch of whimsy. Meanwhile, the Dunbar Brass and Cane Mirrors infuse elegance and texture into the room. And let’s not forget about the crowd-favorite Vieux Carre Bar Cart… Drink, anyone?

Real Simple Home: Loft & Bunk Room with a Colorful Twist

You know what I love most about showhouses? The chance to meet and connect with amazing vendors (who go on to support our amazing clients) and fellow designers in the community. The Real Simple Home event was no exception. We collaborated with several talented designers for this entire project. Together, we brought to life a fun, colorful, and cohesive vacation home bursting with personality. Splash on in…


JSD was tasked with designing the loft and bunk room spaces. The walls may be white, but you know we didn’t hold back when it came to bringing in the color. Starting with the artwork as our inspiration, we created a fun hangout for the kids and a bright conversational loft for the adults.

This eclectic yet sophisticated mix was brought to life with a mid-century modern console with brass inlay, rich orange ottoman, sapphire-toned velvet swivel chairs, and another funky ottoman with hidden storage. Nothing about these spaces feel juvenile, but everything about them is designed for good times. Yes, please.


This room was tricky. Imagine designing a space with low-sloped ceilings and limited square footage. Now, add the challenge of fitting bunk beds into the space. Luckily, challenges are the birthplace of creativity. We arranged the beds end to end, maximizing sleepover space without compromising comfort.

To counteract the limited natural light, we painted the ceilings sky blue, the perfect cool balance to the warm, vibrant orange. Oh, and those custom beds? We thoughtfully designed them with built-in storage and a desk, proving that beauty and functionality can coexist. Safe to say, not one inch of space was wasted in this design. Success!

Kips Bay Palm Beach: Stepping into the Future

Annnnnd that’s a wrap… well, almost. We’re sending you off with one last look back at our iconic Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House project. Dressed nearly head-to-toe in rich shades of burgundy, crimson, and cabernet, this bedroom and ensuite is a celebration of innovation, art, culture, and creativity. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a look.


Fun fact: we completed this project simultaneously along with the Real Simple Home project. I can already see those eyebrows raising, but it was worth the late hours. Why? Because every penny earned from this venture went straight to the Boys & Girls Club. When there’s a great cause involved, it’s not about “finding” the time. It’s about making it.

How about you? Feeling inspired? Looking to bring joy into your own spaces, but in YOUR unique way? That’s what we do. When you’re ready, you know where to find us.

– Kelly

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