One Room Challenge Week Six - The Big Reveal

It's Reveal Day!!

You know how on the first day of school, the teacher says that there will be a midterm in six weeks and you think "ok - that's more than enough time." And then the week before the test, you realize you've been crushing on a boy and haven't been paying attention all semester and now you have to cram six weeks worth of work into 3 all nighters...No? That's just me? Hahaha. Anyway, that was me with the One Room Challenge. Sorry for the tangent :)

Let's get back to the important stuff. I don't even know where to begin as I'm obsessed with so many elements of the room and they came together to be a perfect reflection of my style - bright and colorful with heavy doses of black and white to balance everything out.

The floor is amazing and completely makes the space. We used floor tiles and created a pattern from scratch. It was a long process and my knees and back are still mad at me but it just makes me smile.  

The yellow ceiling makes the room feel special and bright at the same time.

The mirror wall that required some last minute changes looks great. I'm not sure why I got such a long ballet barre but I love how it frames the wall. You can't see it in the pictures but the view from the windows are large oak trees that are perfectly framed by the windows.

That back wall houses all of the actual equipment. The storage niche is perfect and will keep everything contained and out of the way. It's a great space to store obvious workout equipment - rollers, ropes, blocks, etc. - but also the shelf can hold towels, speakers, and workout books. It's an organized person's dream.

And because I'm realistic and I know that once my husband starts using the space, this niche will never look like this, I built a sliding "screen" that will cover the niche when not in use. I covered it in a white board and we can use it for motivational photos (hey Serena!) and to keep track of our workouts (if that's what people do). It slides along the track mounted above and pushes easily to the side when not in use.

By painting that wall black, I like that it recedes away but also adds depth to the room.  I may still clad the wall with wood one day but I'm loving the contrast right now. On the left wall (when you enter), we have the Peloton bike. I like that it's right at the door because you can easily just keep the door open if you get too overheated.

And on the final wall, there is the Tonal machine which provides a full body workout option. This is the area I imagine my husband will spend most of his time but we've also left open enough space in the center for yoga, pilates, etc.

And just for kicks, let's look at a few before and afters: 

As anyone that knows me could have guessed, I now think that the gym is too nice to I'm just going to bring in comfy chair and call it my "she-shed". Just kidding, I'll be svelte and strong before the end of the year. :)

Overall, this was a fun process and I loved that it forced me to completely finish a project. Hope you guys enjoyed following along!

Did you miss any of the One Room Challenge process and dying to read more? If so, please go check out the other weeks so you can see the transformation!

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All photos by Lauren Edith Anderson

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