One Room Challenge Week Four: Actual Gym Components

I'm installing a condo in NY this week so things have been a little slow back at the gym install. So I figured it would be great time to talk about the actual fitness items that are going into this space. I suppose it can't just look pretty but we actually need to make it functional :)

The first item going into the space is our Peloton. I don't love working out and typically hate the process (and the machines associated with it) but I can honestly say that I really like the Peloton. It's fun once your'e on it and the fact that I've been on it more than once (and not given up) says a lot about it. Plus, the instructors love me and constantly speak directly to me during the taped classes (Alex and Ally are my friends....haha).

Image result for peloton bike

Next to the Peloton, there will be an open area for pilates and yoga. There will also be a few low tech toys - the Bowflex Dumbbells and a TRX mounted to the wall for suspension training.

Bowflex Dumbbells - They're dumbbells that only require one set ...that's all the explanation I needed as I lived for years with a large rack of weights that were full of dust.

Image result for bowflex select dumbbells

TRX - I've used the TRX bands during my pilates sessions and I just think they are cool. In theory, you can work out anywhere and use your own body weight to build muscle and strength. Not sure why anyone would want to work out anywhere but it sounds like a good reason to have them.

Image result for trx
Totally how I look when I'm using it....

And finally in the last part of the room, there will be a new workout device called Tonal.

Image result for tonal

This is the description from the site: "Tonal combines revolutionary equipment, expert-led videos, and personalized guidance into full body workouts you can do on demand from the convenience of home." This machine is crazy expensive and I'm not sure if I need all of that in my life but I know two things: (1) I needed to find an alternative to my husband putting this into the gym: 

Image result for collapsible gym cage

and (2) Serena Williams has a Tonal and I've been guaranteed that I'll look like her if I get it....

Image result for serena williams splits us open 2011
Is it delusion or self-love that makes me think that I'll look like this one day....

Last but not least, we'll have a few other gadgets in the space:

  • Samsung Smart TV - because of course...
  • Sonos speaker - because you have to have music to drown out the grunting...
  • Amazon Alexa/Echo - because you can't expect me to turn on the lights, music, and fan using an actual switch or remote.

So there you have it, the gym will actually be a functional fitness space. And given how much we're spending to avoid putting in that ugly cage workout equipment, I'll likely be offering gym memberships to friends and family to pay for it. Let me know if you're interested...I'll keep the price reasonable :)

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