One Room Challenge Week 3: Making Progress

As a frequent follower of the One Room Challenge, I know that everyone often laments how quickly six weeks can go by when you're trying to complete a room. And as an observer, I (truthfully) thought they were exaggerating to make it more impressive that they were able to accomplish great design in such a short amount of time. Haha. Now, as a first-time ORC guest contributor, I realize that those lamentations were not only true but not intense enough - it's almost like when someone says that giving birth is unpleasant and then you realize that the statement was a SEVERE understatement and you just want to cry. With all that being said, we're making progress over here in this tiny home gym.

Drywall and electrical was finished last week. The windows and the new door is in.

Ignore that hideous six panel door...contractor didn't listen. :(

The ballet barre was added.  

Look at my super cute ballet barre tester.

Painting finished yesterday and a plumber is here to add a water line.

Last week, I also got the approval from my client (i.e., the husband) that I could move forward with the design. I've definitely hijacked his dream of a manly gym but I'm hoping he'll come to appreciate it over time. His exact words were: "If we're not fit after you spent all this money, that's pathetic." Haha.

Here's the 3D rendering that I used to convince him: 

We've made a few changes but all materials have been ordered and luckily I see the finish line. That finish line is a little complicated by the fact that I have a huge install in NY next week and won't be here to get anything done. I'm still optimistic that everything will be ready for photoshoot day of November 5. Wish us luck!

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