One Room Challenge Week 2: Gym Design Inspiration and Details

To my surprise, the construction part of the project is actually wrapping up today. The final sanding for the drywall is happening and primer will be added to all walls. Doors and trim have been installed. Electrical boxes and lights have been installed. And painting is scheduled for Friday and Saturday. So the space will start to resemble an actual room.

Now we get to discuss the decorative items that are going into the room!

First, here are the inspiration images for the space: 

Home Gym Inspiration Images (Design Credit: Gensler, Stephan Weishaupt, Michelle Adams, Unknown

As I mentioned last week, I was trying to make sure that the gym fit in with the style of the house. This means keeping the foundation of the space in line with light woods and black accents makes perfect sense. All of these inspiration images fit perfectly within this mold but also show that I was drawn to a dominant color (yellow).

The current plan is to paint the ceiling in this gorgeous yellow from Farrow & Ball: 

The back wall will be painted black and partially covered in wood slats to mimic the outdoor railing (similar to this room): 

Opposite this wall, there will be a wall of mirrors, a ballet barre, and a mounted TV: 

The remaining walls will be painted white and the windows and doors are painted black. However, I felt like there was something missing because the inspiration gyms were too posh and serious. And since I HATE to work out, I wanted this gym to make me want to come in (or at least make me happy when I was there). So I went back to the drawing board and realize that I had also pinned dozens of different colorful floor options.

I'm going to leave it as a teaser right now because we're still working on flushing out the floor design (and I haven't gotten the final approval from my "client") but I'm super pumped about it and I promise it will be anything but serious and boring. There are also a few more interesting surprises that I'm hoping to add that deal much more with functionality.

Hopefully next week, I'll be ready to discuss the actual exercise equipment coming into the space. :)

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