New Virtual Design Services

We've now been stuck in our homes for 52 days (20 hours, 18 secs....but who is counting...haha). Because of this forced sequestering, we're all looking at our homes with new eyes (and sometimes a little hatred).

We have been getting more requests from people to help them make small changes to their home in hopes of making it more comfortable during this time or to deal with something they've put off forever and now can't stand looking at it anymore. Because we typically only do larger-scale projects, we were having difficulty figuring out a way to assist especially with our larger projects continuing to go in full force.

Because we really want to help everyone be happy while being sequestered, we've come up with two new virtual services.


We are offering a virtual consultation that is very similar to our existing in-person consultation. This will be a 60-minute Zoom session where we walk through your house and discuss anything that you want to address. This service is perfect for people who just need a little guidance (space planning, color ideas, etc.) and can move forward on their own with that guidance.

Here are a variety of ways to use the time during the consultation.

  • Discussion and drawings regarding floor plans and non-structural changes
  • Determine furniture layouts for regularly shaped rooms
  • Choose paint colors and provide wallpaper suggestions
  • Provide guidance on additional lighting required
  • Make suggestions regarding furniture styles
  • Rearrange furniture to improve flow and layout
  • Identify additional furniture needed to finish a room


This second (and more robust) service allows you to work with a designer for a longer period of time (each package is 10 hours of design time) to develop a comprehensive design plan for a smaller room. We will be able to provide more specific design advice and the same attention to detail as we do with our clients while working in person. We will work with you to determine what's realistic to achieve within that time frame and make sure that you have the deliverables that you need. This package is great for those that need a little more guidance and/or have a longer list of items that need to be addressed.


  • Client will get 10 hours of time with designer to discuss any and all problems.  
  • Project begins with a virtual consultation to discuss project specifics. Client will send additional pictures and information to assist the designer in making selections.
  • Client will receive weekly updates on hours used and next steps for the project.
  • Joy Street Design will provide you with a list of items suggested and all information needed to complete the purchase on your own.  

Examples of ways to use the package:

  • You want a second set of eyes on many areas and need help pulling them together (the "finishing touches").
  • You want assistance designing a smaller room that needs new furniture but doesn't require detailed floorplans and drawings.
  • You have great furniture and just need to spruce up the accessories and refreshing the overall view.

We have a limited number of these packages available over the next two months.  Please reach out if you are interested in our assistance.

Stay safe....and sane!

All photos by The IT Factory.

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