KBIS 2021 Review: Signature Kitchen Suite Is Leading the Way to the Kitchen of the Future

The last few weeks have been crazy busy - in a good way! - but I was able to take time out last week and attend the virtual Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS). If you don't know, this is an opportunity for those in the trade to view the new products and exciting ideas coming from some of our favorite vendors. For a kitchen-loving, tech-nerd like me, it's so much fun to see how close we're getting to the kitchens that the Jetsons promised me when I was a child.

I've had the opportunity to attend KBIS in Orlando and Las Vegas previously but, this year, it was held completely online (for obvious reasons). At first, I was bummed to not be able to see everything in person. However, I found that the virtual experience (with its few kinks) was even better. It allowed me to visit many more booths than normal due to timing. It also saved my aching feet and legs from the pain of walking the massive convention center. But the best thing that happened is that I was asked to be a part of Designhounds by Modenus to cover a brand that is relatively new to me - Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS).

Look at how cute we are :)

As we all know, appliances are the workhorse of the kitchen. Joy Street Design does approximately 20-30 kitchen renovations a year and we love that we get to infuse a little bit of color and fun into these spaces for most of our clients. We also love to educate our clients on the newest appliances available and encourage them to "level" up their selections.

SKS created an amazing virtual booth that allows everyone to see and play with their existing and new options this year. After visiting the SKS booth, I can totally see how they will be a part of our leveling up options in the future. SKS has already been leading the innovation train for years with a few standout items: 

SKS 48" Dual-Fuel Pro Range 

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, this is the only pro-range on the market that has built-in sous vide, induction, and gas....in one appliance! I'm still amazed that this is even possible and can't wait to get my hands on one to pretend that I know how to use all of those functions. The inner Chrissy Teigen in me wants to learn how to sous vide just so I can buy this for myself.

SKS Wine Columns

Yes, there are a ton of different wine columns on the market. And SKS's wine columns have all the bells and whistles that we've come to expect - including 3 zones of temperature control! - but the best part is they are using technology in new ways to protect and manage your wine. The actual appliance utilizes their Wine Cave Technology TM to provide protection from wine’s four biggest threats of vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity. And the wine column also connects to an app, True Sommelier, that keeps photos of the wine labels, notes their locations in the column, and can also make recommendations. It's like they specifically decided to market to me - wine control and technology in one appliance.

Additionally, there was one standout new item that caught my eye: 

SKS 2-Drawer Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator 

This appliance is pure genius. The drawers are perfect for a smaller kitchen or a wet bar. The best part is that each drawer is individually controlled - both can be set to refrigeration or freezer. In fact, there are six modes for you to choose depending on the purpose of the day. I'm already scheming about where to use this.

I'm super excited to suggest these new and innovative appliances to my clients. You should click on over to the SKS Signature Kitchen Suite and explore for yourself.

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