Mammoth Lakes Renovation: Creating a Luxuriously Comfortable Airbnb

Picture this: you’ve just arrived on your long-awaited vacation only to enter your Airbnb and realize that looks can be deceiving. Because even great-looking design can’t make up for uncomfortable furniture, lumpy (or rock-hard) mattresses, and scratchy sheets and towels. The worst, right? It’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and call it quits.

This is exactly why we’re starting our new initiative — Joy Street Home (more details coming soon!). It’s part of my mission to banish lackluster rentals for good AND help people bring the sensory experience of luxury into their own everyday homes. 

So, prepare to say goodbye to lumpy mattresses and scratchy sheets and say hello to the finer details, like plush bedding, luxurious linens, ultimate comfort, and everything a vacation should feel like. And the project I’m sharing with you this month is the perfect example…

Mammoth Estates Reno: Cozy and Stylish Mountain Condo

Welcome to Mammoth Lakes, a majestic ski community surrounded by scenery straight out of a painting. The couple behind this condo was seeking a major renovation that would allow their family to enjoy a comfortable, part-time home-away-from-home that they could also rent out during the year. 

As such, we walked a fine line between investing and saving wisely without compromising on style. Here's the space we were working with...

As you can tell, this rental was dark, dated, and craving an overhaul. Ready to see what we did to the place?

Cozy and Welcoming Entry & Living Room


From the moment you step into this newly remodeled home, you’re instantly greeted by stunning and simple design elements that say “welcome to vacation.” A mix of warm and cool wood tones, sleek black finishes, and neutral textures blend seamlessly for a classic and welcoming aesthetic. 

We added a place for the family, or guests, to take off their shoes and coats, which helps keep the rest of the home clean. Next, continue up the stairs…


Cozy, right? Before, this living area was dark, closed off, and dysfunctional, thanks to a poorly positioned sleeper sofa. We completely reconfigured the space with a new furniture layout, positioning the sectional to create a defined living room around the fireplace.

Speaking of, the most significant undertaking during this renovation was creating this modern, concrete fireplace as the focal point. It took a LOT of work, but without it, the room was seriously lacking the coziness factor. Now, it sets the whole tone of the room: comfortable, refined, and perfect for warming up after a long day on the slopes. 

Simply Yet Classic Kitchen & Dining Area

Moving through the living area, you’ll meet this dining space and the kitchen. Before, this kitchen had an oddly placed peninsula that was creating major dysfunction and frustration. It felt like a wall. No longer…


Now, it’s open, functional, and spacious. SO much better. I bet you’re thinking, “But Kelly, where’s your signature pop of bright color?” I know, I know. Truth is, this condo was calling for muted tones. It’s a great example that we don’t always need color to create the JSD vibe.

Since we were working with the existing wood paneling on the walls and ceiling — and minimal natural light — we decided to stick with a neutral palette. This was an easy way to highlight the natural features throughout the space without getting bogged down. 

Plus, the way I see it, nature is providing several seasons’ worth of color out the windows! (With the exception of winter, ha.)


Black and white cabinets, a classic tile backsplash, and honey-toned wood shelves create a soothing yet sophisticated backdrop for this vacation home. We made a wise choice to utilize IKEA cabinets. We would never choose IKEA cabinets for a primary home kitchen (custom-made is far, far superior), but doing so in this rental allowed us to maximize our client’s allotted investment and splurge in other places that matter more to their guests, like the bedrooms…

Luxurious & Comfortable Bedrooms

This condo has one bedroom upstairs and three additional bedrooms downstairs. Each of them required a major facelift to make them feel modern, relaxing, and furnished for comfort. 


We continued the look of elevated simplicity throughout each bedroom by using white linens. But this isn’t just any bedding…


All the sheets and linens used throughout this condo are the highest quality luxury you can find. How do I know? They’re from our brand new collection, Joy Street Home. (Exclusive first look? Check.) In fact, this property has already received stellar reviews — and notice how many rave about the comfortable beds! We know what we’re doing. ;)

As I hinted at last month, we have been hard at work behind the scenes (for 2+ years!), and we’re SO CLOSE to launching our new product line. Prepare to have access to resort-worthy bedding, stylish accessories, and everything you need for an elevated home with no extra fuss. 

Soon, you’ll be able to create your very own oasis at home.. but don’t blame me if you can’t get out of bed in the morning. ;)

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– Kelly

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