Before & After: Multi-Generational Family Home Transformation

Like every other design firm in the industry, many of our projects are taking longer than usual. Fun photoshoots these days are almost like seeing Bigfoot: rare, exciting, and hard to believe. Fortunately, many of our clients’ homes look like they’re (finally!) finishing next quarter. We’ll believe it when we see it, too — and share them with you, of course.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to revisit our TV design appearance with Property Brothers: Forever Home. 

We completed this project back in 2019, and had to keep it under wraps until after it had been released to the public. But here we are now, and I can openly say the experience was amazing. And yes, Jonathan laughed at all my jokes. Although, I’m not sure why a casting scout hasn’t offered me my own show yet. I’ll be waiting. 

Until then, let’s talk about this home. 

Before: Closed Off, Dark, & Dated Living Areas 

This home belongs to a fantastic couple named Nora and Diego and their tight-knit and growing multi-generational family. You can probably already guess what they were looking for here: space and functionality.

As soon as we entered the home, we were instantly met with a narrow, cramped hallway and a small kitchen. To be honest, the square footage was there, but the original layout was closed off and poorly designed. Not a happy space for cooking and serving large family meals.

On the other side of another wall, we found the living room. In addition to wanting to create an open concept, family-centric living area, this space also needed some design love. We took notes, interviewed the couple, and got to planning.

The Game Plan

 Before (left) and After (right)

In the original plan on the left, you’ll notice that the kitchen was entirely closed off by walls. In the new plan on the right, you’ll see we were suggesting getting rid of everything including major portions of the existing kitchen walls. Here’s the full list of what we wanted to do: 

  • Remove walls to open the space
  • New flooring throughout
  • Swap the location of the kitchen and dining areas
  • Remove their unused and dated fireplace

Contrary to the shortened version of the renovation you see on TV, we worked hard behind the scenes to develop the design and finalize each detail long before any walls came down. Then, down they came…

Here are a few progress shots. On the left, I’m clearly having too much fun. Middle, you can see the kitchen coming together with new flooring and cabinets in progress. On the right, there’s Jonathan with our talented cabinet maker, Mark. Okay, fast forward and let’s take a look at how these spaces turned out…

After: Open Concept Living Spaces Perfect for Gathering

WOW. Much better, right? It’s open, airy, spacious, and has WAY more personality. Our main focus for this home was creating enough seating for the entire family. By swapping the kitchen and dining room location, we made room for a large island that seats four, as well as a large dining room table. I’d say we succeeded with flying colors. Which brings me to…

Contemporary Kitchen with a Pop of Fresh Color

You noticed the green already, right? We blended the family’s love for color and rustic elements with brand new cabinets in Sherwood Green, an earthy, fresh hue. The color is impossible to miss, but it feels natural and not too bold. It also highlights the trees out the window, which is always a win.

Looking closer at the details, you’ll notice the slightly textured recycled (and always gorgeous) Fireclay Tile. We opted for varying neutrals instead of going with solid white, creating a sense of depth against the colorful cabinets. It feels timeless yet contemporary.

Above the island, globe pendants with sleek black accents bring energy and youthfulness into the space. We also made sure to add electrical outlets to the island, for baking appliances or charging devices as needed.

Warm & Inviting Dining Area for a Large Family

Our fresh color palette continues in the connected dining area with custom built-ins designed to hold any extra kitchen essentials…complete with a custom wine fridge, of course. You didn’t think I’d forget that, did you? 

We also mixed warm and light woods to set an inviting tone and added this gorgeous statement light fixture. Did you notice that it has invisible supports on the left-hand side? And with a peek of gold on the inside? Fun and playful!

The stunning live-edge dining table is large enough to seat 6 or more guests. When needed, the matching bench (behind the table) can be pulled over to provide additional seating. Leather chairs provide a comfortable and easy-t0-clean seating.

Comfortable Family Room with a Happy Surprise

In the living room, we replaced everything. Since the adjacent kitchen is bursting with color, we selected soft neutral furnishings that would complement the surrounding spaces. Including this happy accent wall… 

Talk about a stand-out feature, right? I love how this geometric wallpaper helps separate the rooms while still feeling cohesive with the vibrant kitchen cabinets. These wood tones help naturally warm up the gray as well. 

As usual, we used throw pillows and blankets in coordinating colors and patterns to tie the design together. By the way, did you notice that this project was completed 3 years ago and the design still feels personal, fun, and vibrant? It doesn’t look dated at all! And that, my friends, is just another one of the many benefits of great design. You’ll have to watch the full episode to see how Diego and Nora liked the results, but I think you can guess. ;) 

Last but not least, I’d like to give a final thank you to the Scott brothers for the opportunity to collaborate, their commitment to the clients, and for making this an amazing experience from start to finish. Now go watch the episode!

And if you’re feeling inspired and looking for a design team for your next renovation, you know where to find us.


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