Before & After: Gower Street Final Reveal

It's the Final Reveal of the Gower Street home! Let's take a look at the transformation of the Master Bathroom, Living Room, and Laundry Room.

The Master Bathroom

First up, the Master Bathroom. The original Master Bathroom was simple and in great need of storage and counter space. Instead of the small pedestal sink we chose to install a large vanity and countertop. This provided more functional space to use on a daily basis along with storage on top of the counter and inside the lower cabinets. The overall color palette was black and white with accents of wood and brass. The white floor tiles were replaced with rich black hexagons, keeping the space neutral, but interesting. Overall, the bathroom renovation was transformed into a modern, sleek, and functional space for the homeowners.



The Living Room

The Living Room was dark and dated and craving for a modern and comfortable renovation.


The living room transformation didn't need a lot of bells and whistles. We had two main goals. One, to capture the beautiful natural light. And two, to provide enough quality seating and open space.


We chose to paint the walls and windows white to keep the overall space neutral and invite the natural light in. The furniture and accents are mixed of earthy/floral colors with touches of color and pattern to liven up the room.

Did you know plants can help purify the air and reduce stress? Nothing like accents that are both functional and stylish.

One of the major overhauls of this room was the transformation of the fireplace. We loved the traditional frame of the fireplace, but the tile had to go. We chose a marble Herringbone tile to accent the freshly painted legs, header, and mantle.

The Laundry Room

Having a laundry room and master bathroom with great functionality is key (obviously!) to enjoying and thriving in your home. Laundry isn't the most favored task to do in the household, so why not make the space engaging and the mandatory chore more fun?


In the Gower Street home, the laundry room was tucked away, so the goal was to have as much function and design as possible. Creating under the cabinet storage and above cabinet shelving gave functional space on the countertop to iron and fold clothes. And why not add a pop of color? That's just what we did when we chose this wallpaper. Adding wallpaper for a pop tied the whole space together!

And that's the Gower Renovation! Thanks for sticking around and experiencing the reveal with us! Stay tuned for more posts and renovations.

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