Spa-Inspired Bedroom & Bathroom Renovation in Piedmont

If spa day and joyful design had a baby, this project would be it… but before I dive into this bedroom and bathroom renovation in Piedmont, let me officially welcome you to 2021. We made it, dear friends! Small miracles.

Let me officially welcome you to 2021. It's already been weird (and shocking), but we still have more than 11.5 months to go. If 2020 taught me anything, it's how quickly things can change — and I'm hopeful that we'll see some big, POSITIVE changes this year. Or make them ourselves! Who's with me?

If you, too, are longing for a fresh start that doesn’t just begin at your home bar, maybe this is your sign. I’ve found that nothing makes a person feel more energized and transformed (at home and beyond the front door) than with a fresh, joyful space. The project that I’m about to share with you is a perfect example. 

Cue the inspiration...

Design Goals

Our clients are a Piedmont family of seven (you read that right, 7!, but the kiddos are oh so cute!) looking for a space refresh to accommodate their large family. They loved their family home and wanted to create bathrooms that could function better for them.

When they initially reached out to us, they felt that their home was lacking a bit of modernity and functionality. After our initial consultation, we defined our scope of work and decided to focus on transforming their principal bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and kids’ bathroom. 

Goal: Create elevated spaces and a more functional space plan to bring joy to the whole family and serve their full lifestyle.

marble tile flooring black white gray geometric squares triangles bathroom renovation piedmont

P.S. Here's what you need to know about renovating in 2021.

Principal Bedroom

before principal bedroom makeover piedmont ca
Before: Principal Bedroom

Before the transformation, this bedroom had a nice open layout and tons of natural lighting but was lacking the right combination of statement pieces, colors, and textures to bring it to life. And that hardwood flooring is just begging for a rug!

Hello beautiful...

bedroom design blue paisely gold wood side tables lamp sconces joy street design

The main furniture piece of any bedroom is usually… you guessed it… the bed. Our inspiration piece? This lively paisley bedding in soft yet uplifting colors. We picked the navy out of the pattern and used it in this button-tufted upholstered headboard, which adds softness to the room, grounds the space, and makes a statement. 

Fun fact: This headboard looks navy or closer to cobalt depending on the lighting. If you ask me, that’s one of the great things about color. It changes throughout the day so you get to enjoy more than one! ;)

principal bedroom design piedmont ca joy street interiors blue headboard sconces paisley duvet

(See what I mean? This is the sunlit side.) Since we were going for a more modern aesthetic, we chose white for the walls to create a nice fresh canvas. The natural wood of the flooring and this modern-style nightstand balances warm and cool in the design. (I spy a rug!!)

Lastly, these over-the-nightstand, brass and matte black sconces are a personal favorite of mine. Is it a sconce masquerading as a lamp? A lamp dreaming of being a sconce? It’s both! Pro Tip: No matter what design esthetic you’re going for, classy sconces elevate the space and bring in a level of sophistication. Love it.

joy street design bedroom makeover gallery wall wabi sabi plant natural wood credenza piedmont ca

Last but certainly not least  in this Principal Bedroom… more gorgeous natural wood. Nightstands and dressers are such interesting furniture elements. You can either opt for a simple material that fades into the background and keep the focus on your bed and main pieces. OR, you can choose one that stands out and ties the design together. For this transformation project, we opted for the latter. 

Look at that stunning grain… the rich, warm hue… the patterned wood lamp… the gallery wall of family memories. These make a modern design feel like home. 

Ensuite Bathroom

Let’s talk about this bathroom situation…

piedmont ca before renovation principal bathroom
Before: Principal Ensuite

The main issue my clients had with their ensuite bathroom was its size and layout. For them, it didn’t feel functional and was almost impossible for the couple to both get ready at the same time. The pedestal sink, itty bitty toilet, and spaceship tub (HA) were not at all bringing joy into their lives.

To make this space more functional, we completely changed the space plan… and it’s unrecognizable. See for yourself...

after bathroom remodel marble geometric tile blue vanity spa-inspired walk-in shower joy street

Ahh… now that’s better! We made sure to carry the bedroom’s color palette into the ensuite bathroom with saturated navyish-cobalt blue, a touch of feminine pink, touches of matte black, and warm natural wood. A truly winning combination! 

The choice of marble tiles was pretty obvious to us, as well. There is a sense of timelessness that only marble can provide. In fact, we can revisit this very bathroom in 10 years from now, and it will still be on-trend and relevant. Marble (or other natural stone) is also a great way to induce that spa-inspired feeling.

piedmont ca bathroom design blue vanity pink flowers matte black hardware marble counters

Aside from the great natural stone, our color focal point was the bathroom vanity. We painted the cabinets with this beautiful, saturated blue (similar to the headboard, but different enough to be exciting), and balanced the bold color with great wood cabinet knobs, white quartz countertops, and matte black plumbing fixtures. The juxtaposition of the blue vanity against the marble mosaic tile with the warm wood trim peeking in (it matches the rest of the house) is just perfection. Love.

marble tile shower spa inspired fresh lively matte black hardware towel heating bar piedmont ca

marble subway tile style shower matte black hardware inset geometric flooring
The His and Hers shower space...

Our design goal for this ensuite bathroom was to make it functional, so we not only created more space, we also replaced the bathtub with this dreamy dual shower. We opted for matte black hardware for some contrast, and yet again, used natural wood to bring in some warmth and a spa-like feel. 

Here’s another close-up of those geometric tiles too — bridging light and dark in such a fun way. (Can I live here??)

Kids’ Bathroom Redesign

Here’s another bathroom that is barely recognizable now that we’re done with it...

before kids bathroom piedmont ca pedestal sink
Before: Kids Bathroom

This bathroom is fairly small for five kids, which means every square inch counts. The pedestal sink — not a great use of space. Let’s get some storage and liveliness in there!

after kids bathroom redesign blue vanity tile walls easy cleaning bright joyful family of 7

There we go. As with the rest of the house, the theme for the kids’ bathroom was also modern and functional. Staying true to our color palette, we updated the shower hardware to match the rest of the bathroom with this matte black finish, installed a vanity in this vibrant teal color, used art to bring in some pink, and included a patterned shower curtain that ties the colors together. 

after kids bathroom joy street design piedmont ca colorful classic matte black dual faucets blue vanity mirror

We updated the sink with a large trough and two faucets, added an oversized mirror to make the bathroom feel more spacious, and added tiles to the walls — much easier to clean! This bathroom has a different look and feel from the Principal Bathroom, but they both look as if they belong to the same home. That’s cohesive design! It still looks classy, but it is for kids, after all. 

All in all, our clients LOVED their new space. It felt modern, sophisticated, and above all... functional. When you walk into their home, it’s timeless, warm, and filled with past family memories and ones they have yet to create!

How about you? Are you ready for a refresh in the New Year? If you have no idea where to start or want a team to manage the details, we’ve got you, my friend.

Let’s create something together.

— Kelly

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