A Few Additions...

The remaining areas of the house - the communal spaces - have been pretty much neglected.  We're basically working with what we have except that there is an additional living space - the den - and we did not have furniture for that space.  Here are a few other things that we've added to the house that I didn't get to discuss when they arrived.

I designed a sleeper sofa sectional for the den.  This is the original sketch:

sofa sketch

Three months later (and a certain amount of money :) ), here she is:


I also found this great mid-century dresser at the Rose Bowl flea market for a song.  Unfortunately, I didn't need a dresser so I turned it into the entertainment center.  I removed the top two drawers for the peripherals.  I made basic box frames and added black mesh fabric to the front (allowing the remotes to work and air to flow around the components).

Entertainment Center

I'll show you the entire den space next week.  Have a great weekend!

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