Kelly Finley

CEO // Creative Director

Welcome to Joy Street Design. Experts in creating functional spaces that helps everyday people, like you, infuse joy, elevated style, and unapologetic fun into the places they call home.

At Joy Street Design We Believe In...

  • Working with our clients to create unique and comfortable spaces that define and reflect their personal style—whether they think they have one or not.
  • Crafting personal touches that fit perfectly, and also add a unique touch to every space.
  • An unmatched attention to detail and seamless project management to create a smooth process from design to completion. 
  • Designing spaces that fill you with happiness and pleasure, and in turn, add even more joy to your life. 

Who We Are

Since our founding over 10+ years ago, we have opened full-service design studios in Oakland and Atlanta providing full-service residential interior design that elevates your aesthetic while ensuring that the finished product is a home. A place you can live in comfortably and create endless memories.

Today, our mission of inspiring joy, comfort, and belonging at home is stronger than ever — and when you work with us, you become part of this powerful movement. The Joy Street Design team is comprised of interior designers with an extensive background in both commercial + residential design. Our skilled team manages the interior design process from conception to finalized installation.  We use trusted partners to create highly personalized spaces — resulting in comfortable, personality-filled rooms that embody joyful living.

Together, let’s add life to the way we live and show up, both at home and out in the world.

Kelly Finley - CEO and Creative Director

Kelly founded Joy Street design in 2011 with a simple idea in mind—that everyone deserves to live in a home they love which can only be achieved when the space is personal, functional, and comfortable. 

As a former lawyer, Kelly is no stranger to managing large, complex projects. With her fun personality, energy, and love of bold colors she brings the perfect combination of project management, creative design ideas, and unparalleled service to her clients.  

Kelly loves working with young families to bring life, fun and color to older homes. Her signature style fuses vibrant colors and contemporary designs. When she isn’t designing, you can find Kelly traveling the world with her family, and gaining inspiration for her projects, or working on her non-profit, Joy Street Initiative.

Education and Accolades:

  • Kelly studied interior design and interior architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. 
  • She holds a law degree from Stanford Law School and a business degree from Emory University. 
  • Kelly is a member of the Black Artists + Designers Guild.